• Upgraded VC4SL battery charger , QC3.0 support
  • Upgraded VC4SL battery charger , QC3.0 support
  • Upgraded VC4SL battery charger , QC3.0 support
  • Upgraded VC4SL battery charger , QC3.0 support

Upgraded VC4SL battery charger , QC3.0 support

* Charge from 10440 to protected 21700
* Select Charging current from 3A to 0.25A manually
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  • Upgraded VC4SL battery charger , QC3.0 support
  • Upgraded VC4SL battery charger , QC3.0 support
  • Description

VC4SL USB-C 4-slot charger / analyzer

A portable smart charger used in your car or at home.
Four reasons why it should be your next charger


USB type-C input. No need to take other types of cables, especially in travel.
Manual current selection. It supports quick charge 18W adapter and the standard 5V 2A power source. Max charging current 3A for you in a hurry, and smallest 0.25A for those who want to prolong battery life.
Be able to take protected 21700 batteries. Many other brand chargers do not accept long cells over 70mm, while there are more and more 21700 flashlights and other devices on the market.
Advanced features. The grading mode tests the real capacity of your batteries and helps you to know the battery performance. The storage mode adjusts your batteries to the best voltage level when you plan to store them for more than weeks. This will prolong your battery life. And the reviving function would bring your dead battery back to life, eco-friendly and money-saving.

Input: QC3.0 (5V 3A / 9V 2A)
Constant Current: 3A x 1 / 2A x 2 / 1A x 4 / 0.5A x 4
Cut-off Voltage: 4.2±0.05V / 1.45±0.1V
Cut-off Current: ≤120mA
Operating Temperature: 0-40℃
Size: L156mm x W115.5mm x H35mm
Net Weight: 212g


battery compatibility of xtar vc4slselect charging current by yourselfxtar vc4sl charger intelligently detect battery conditions.xtar vc4sl screen display the cells charging statusvc4sl test the real battery capacitywhat's in the box of xtar vc4sl

Whats the difference between XTAR VC4, VC4S, VC4H, and VC4SL?

What’s the difference between XTAR VC4, VC4S, VC4H, and VC4SL


Why do Li-ion batteries need to be drained to half capacity before storage?
It is how lithium works. The chemical is more stable when half-charged if the cells are not in use for a long time. This will also prolong battery life. So you charge it half now and then another half when you want to use it.
Do you know why is charging current determined by internal resistance?
The internal resistance basically tells how is the battery health so based on that the charger can select the appropriate charging current to make the best out of the battery.
Can this charger do discharge?
It can but not a full discharge mode like the others. There are Storage Mode that discharges li-ion to storage voltage and Grading Mode that discharges and charges the battery to check the maximum capacity.
what is the difference between vc4 plus and vc4sl?
Just the same
Do you need to use the power brick that comes with it or can I just use a standard 5v 2.1A wall socket?
The standard charger will work you just won't be able to charge as fast
Does storage mode also discharge full cells to the storage voltage?
Is it possible to change the charge-discharge power in Grade Mode? If so, how? If not, what are the charge and discharge values in Grade Mode?
Under the grading mode, you can adjust the charging current (just like the charging mode), but you cannot adjust the discharging current (it is set to around 300mA).
Can I charge 26800 batteries with this device?
No. But weve released a new 26800 battery charger.
Can this device restore old batteries?
Yes. This charger can revive the unprotected Lithium-ion batteries with 1.3-1.4V, all the protected Lithium-ion batteries, and the NiMH batteries above 0.6V.

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