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Join XTARDIRECT Rewards Club

Become a member and earn exclusive rewards every time you shop.


► What Rewards Can I Get?

We start our customer rewards program free of charge! Every purchase you make will be accumulated with the amount.

Membership Rewards Iron
Over USD $500
Over USD $1000
Over USD $3000
Over USD $5000
Exclusive Discount 5% OFF 10% OFF 15% OFF 20% OFF
Birthday Gift  
Surprise Gift   1 Gift/yr 2 Gifts/yr 3 Gifts/yr
Extra Rewards

We also prepared some extra rewards for our loyal customers. Everyone can join this extra reward program by taking any of the following easy tasks. 

Extra Rewards What You Get What You DO
Page link sharing $5 OFF coupon Sharing product pages on Facebook, Whatsapp
Product Review on our website $8 OFF coupon Review with photos on xtardirect.com
Product Review on Social Media $10 OFF coupon Post your use experience
Product Review Video $15 OFF coupon a video on Youtube (>2min)
Referral 5% commission + $5 OFF for your friends Your friend needs to successfully purchase and not request a return


► FAQs of the XTARDIRECT Reward Program

1. Can all the discounts be used together with extra coupons?
► Yes!

2. What are the Surprise Gifts and when can I get them?
► You can come to redeem your surprise gifts at any time all year round. Just contact us by message or email. We will send you the gift together with your order.
The gift depends on our product inventory but it would be worth $50-$100.

3. How can I get rewarded?
For membership rewards, it’s only one simple step: make sure you have an Xtardirect account.
You may have already created one during checkout. If you haven’t, you can click on “Join Free” in our website’s menu. Fill out all the required info, please!
In order to get your Birthday Gift, please don’t forget to fill in your birth date.

 For other rewards, please don’t forget to screenshot what you did and let us know in a message or email.
We sincerely provide rewards for every customer. So, we hope everyone who joins this program treats us honestly. Anyone who cheats will be canceled his reward. 


4. How do I know my membership level?
► You can check your membership status on the dashboard of your account (sign up for your account and click the “dashboard” on the left side). It’s on the head part of the dashboard.
And if you have any doubts about the accumulation, please don't hesitate to contact us.

5. Are there any limits for the coupons in the Extra Rewards? 
► The $15 and $10 coupons need to order over $30

6. How to invite your friend in the Referral project?
► Just contact us and receive the coupon code from us. Then you can share this coupon code with your friends.

7. Did I miss the chance of getting your rewards?
► Birthday/Surprise Gifts are open to eligible members since 2022.1.1. The "Extra Rewards" rules come into effect on 2021.12.24. 
For the members who purchased before we start our membership rewards program, we will automatically count your purchase amount.


8. Are there any more rewards?
► Yes. Join our affiliate program to earn a big commission.