Vapcell S4 Plus Vs XTAR VC4SL Charger
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Vapcell S4 Plus Vs XTAR VC4SL Charger

If you are looking for a charger for your external flashlight batteries, XTAR VC4SL and Vapcell S4 Plus must already be on your list. Both of them are 4-bay smart lithium ion battery chargers. Then, Vapcell S4 Plus vs XTAR VC4SL, which one to choose? In this article, we will share the product comparison.

Both XTAR VC4SL and Vapcell S4+ are universal battery chargers. They can charge the most common Li-ion cells like 14500, 16340, 18650, and 21700, including the protected 21700 battery. Meanwhile, they can charge four batteries at a time.

Both of them provide selectable charging currents. That allows you to control the charging speed by yourself. The lowest charging current is 0.25A, which is friendly for charging your small batteries. The only difference is the XTAR VC4SL has no individual control for the bays.

And both XTAR VC4SL and Vapcell S4 Plus can measure the internal resistance and test the capacity of your batteries. You can see the working status via the LCD screen display.

The biggest difference between these two 4-bay battery chargers is the input port and storage mode.

XTAR VC4SL charger uses the popular USB C input. It accepts most phone cables. You dont need to carry a special charging cable. So XTAR VC4SL is more portable for outdoor electronics. The Vapcell S4 plus uses the seperate bulky AC/DC converter, which prefers to be used at home.

The Vapcell S4+ charger doesnt have the mode that charges or discharges the cells to the best storing voltage. You could just set it to discharge the cells to measure the capacity and take them out when theyre at the right voltage. But it is not convenient since you have to keep an eye on the charger and wait for the cells to reach proper storage voltage.

About the price, there is an $8 difference between these two chargers. Obviously, the XTAR VC4SL is more affordable.

In summary, XTAR VC4SL is more portable and affordable. It is an enthusiast-level charger. It is perfect for those who like traveling, outdoor camping, and home preparedness. It is also suitable for those who charge batteries often in the car. The Vapcell S4 Plus is more suitable for enthusiasts who like to DIY power sources.

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