Efficiency of XTAR Portable Solar Panel In The Winter
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Efficiency of XTAR Portable Solar Panel In The Winter

When most people imagine the best weather conditions for solar panels, they usually picture a sunny day with the warmer the better. A common misconception is that solar panels have little effect in winter. So many people would hesitate to buy portable solar panels during the winter months.

In fact, even in sub-zero weather, solar panels can convert sunlight into electricity. That's because solar panels draw energy from the sun's full rays, not from the sun's heat. The main factors that lead to the reduction of solar energy in winter are heavy snow and shorter sunshine hours.

Take XTAR SP100 as an example, lets see the efficiency of this 100w portable solar panel during the winter months.

A customer Rob used the SP100 solar panel to charge his Bluetti EB3A and tested the energy conversation three times.

In the mid of October month, Rob started his first test by the lakeside on a sunny day. He managed to get 102 watts at 11:30 hours in the morning.

The second test was in November month. Rob connected two XTAR SP100 solar panels in parallel. He got a max of 150 watts. Then one day later on November 13, the two 100w portable solar panels reached a max of 166 watts.

The third test was taken in December month, also on a nice sunny day by the lakeside, Rob got about 76 watts for one XTAR SP100 solar panel.

After the test, Rob was very satisfied with this panel. You can feel it through his videos on YouTube. You can also see the complete test process and weather conditions in the video.

There are many factors that affect solar energy conversion (read the article about 7 factors reduce your solar panel efficiency). Generally, most good portable solar panels have a solar energy conversion of 70% - 80%. For XTAR SP100, the 100w-rated portable panel, many reviewers tested it in the summer and found it produce over 100w.

The on-grid power supply is tight in winter. And many places often experience several days of power outages. A cheap and powerful portable solar panel is a must-have to keep in your home for emergencies or small work in the backyard. So, dont hesitate to buy one during the winter months. Its solar efficiency is still good.

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