Comparison Of 6 Best Portable Solar Panels In 2022
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Comparison Of 6 Best Portable Solar Panels In 2022

When consider investing in a portable solar panel, its so difficult for us to decide which one is the best choice. Then, Gonagain, a veteran YouTuber in RV camping, made a detailed test and compared six different brands of 100w - 120w portable solar panels. This test shows which panel is the most efficient and which one gives you the best value for your money.
The six portable solar panels are Bluetti SP120 120w, BougeRV 120w, Xtar SP100 100w, Itehil 100w, Oupes 100w, and Jackery SolarSaga 100w.
The comparison was made at three aspects, i.e. the solar efficiency, the ease of setting up, and the water resistance.

Efficiency Comparison

The test was done on a clear day in May, with not a cloud in the sky. Each panel was set up exactly at the same angle and in the same direction to the sun. A wooden jig was used to measure the angle one against the other. The testing procedure took only about half an hour so that the sun was not going to move too much. And an Oupes 1100 solar generator was used for the readings. Everything was equal. Gonagain did this test very rigorously, so the data he got was reliable.
Here is the test result:

 So basically looking at these panels, No.1 by far is the XTAR SP100, it was way out ahead of the others. And then the second one for efficiency is the Bouge 120w panel, and then the third one for efficiency is the least expensive one the Itehil, at 0.116 now, the Oupes was right behind it with 0.115 and followed by the Bluetti 120w panel at 0.111. Theyre all really close in efficiency except for the XTAR panel which was just so much ahead of the rest.

The Ease of Setting Up

About the ease of setting up, the 4-fold portable solar panels are the hardest to set up, because youre messing around with those legs (kickstands). Its collapsing on this side and you go over to this one and youre trying to mess with it, and then it collapses on the other side. Theyre not bad but they take the longest to set up. But they also have an advantage. The folding solar panels with 4-fold are long and low, so they are the least affected by wind.

The Water Resistance

About the water or weather resistance, according to the test by Goneagain, he thought the No. 1 for weather resistance is the Bouge panel. But this panel doesnt have a lot of leeway on how you tilt it. It sets up very high and to get it down lower you have to basically fold the legs up and lean it on something. So its not the easiest panel to set up.
The Bluetti 120w is constructed the best among these four-fold panels. As for water resistance, its okay in a temporary light rain.
The Jackery panel has a USB connector on the back, and its outside zipper must be widely opened when you use it. There are two USB ports on the side of the connector, so it is not water-resistant. The unboxing video on Jackery's official website mentioned it too.
The XTAR SP100 panel has a pretty good quality of construction, and it has the water-resistant zipper.
The Oupes panel has a water-resistant zipper, but its kickstands and charging cable are packed by a glued connection. The hole that holds the charging cable is widely opened. And when you get the leg down, theres no way to keep this part sealed up even with a water-resistant zipper. So the Oupes is the least weather resistant.
The last one is the Itehil panel. It has a nice water-resistant zipper on it, but inside the back bag, it has a USB connector there. The two USB charging ports are not water-resistant at all. In addition, this panel is four-folded, but with only two legs, so it doesnt lay as nice as the rest of the panels. But this panel was in the top three panels for efficiency. And this one is the cheapest price too.
Actually, I think nobody would leave the panels in any pouring rain. If youre heading to the store or something leaving your campsite, youre going to put these panels away.


In summary, the XTAR SP100 folding solar panel is the best value for your money. Its the highest efficient, easy to set up, portable, and light water-resistant. The BougeRV 120w panel is the best water resistance, and the Oupes 100w is the smallest in size and weight. The Itehil 100w panel is the lowest price. The Bluetti 120w panel is not bad in efficiency but expensive. The Jackery SolarSaga 100w, according to the test data, is the lowest efficiency and most expensive.
Here is Gonagains full test video:

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